We will aim at creating the best products in our “space” in the market, aided by continuous innovation in our strategy, processes and procedures

Integrity, Ethical Conduct & Honesty

We will perform services guided by ethical conduct, honesty and truthfulness.

Fairness and Respect

We will conduct our business based on fairness and respect to our clients, readers and wider society.


We hold primary responsibility to society, our clients and readers; past, present and future. We are guided the interdependent nature of society with clear understanding that today’s conduct and event will be tomorrow’s history and a source of lessons for future generations.

Diversity of thought and Ideas

Diversity is strength and hence we are committed to publishing diverse works that reflect the breadth and depth of ideas in society and the constituency that we serve.


We are committed to the independence and freedom of expression to assure integrity and credibility and thus engender public trust and respect.

Risk Taking

We will explore new ideas, even those considered risky, that have synergy with our mission. We will accept innovative pieces of work that promise substantive contribution to knowledge that would be left for posterity.

Teamwork & Partnership

Working with our clients, we will foster the team spirit that would assure mutual growth, success and benefits thereof.


We will continually adapt to changing circumstances to suit the times, whether in use of technology, language or modes of expression that support story telling in line with our mission.

Value Add

We are committed to adding value in the capture, recording, storage and transmission of Untold Stories and hence will partner and collaborate with individuals, institutions and agencies in that pursuit guided by our mission.

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