Nsemia Inc. Publishers is a Canadian and Kenyan-based publisher with a focus on African-based artistic creation and how they impact African peoples on the continent and in the Diaspora. We aim at bringing to the fore the many untold stories that enrich African lives; stories that have a bearing on Africans and their contribution to the global village.

If you have written an African-related story, the chance is that we can publish it. It could be a play, poetry, drama, novel or any such form of artistic creation that captures the imagination, entertains and teaches a lesson.

What we offer is insightful guidance in the writing process, editing and (eventually) publication. We also actively market your work once published to make sure it reaches the audiences you desire. 

Ours is a partnership with the writer that aims at mutual growth in an attempt to enrich their lives, encourage the writing and reading culture of African peoples, and leave the written word for future generations.

Why choose us?

Because we care. We also understand the challenges of getting published as an African. Despite the richness of the continent and its Diaspora, published works relating to the continent remain small relative to the size and population of the continent, its history and cultural and linguistic diversity.


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