Publishing is our core business with focus on production and dissemination of works of literature. Our market (for both author and reader) is global with emphasis on Afrocentric themes. We look for unique works, especially those that capture indigenous knowledge and the lives of people of African descent. These could be novels, short stories, poetry, songs, and drama. They could also be academic research works or thematic collections of papers that focus on a specific subject or area of study.

In the end, the work needs to present a “new story”, one that has not been told before. The more unique the story, the more likely it is to be accepted for publication. As well, the more unique and creative its presentation, the higher the chances that it would be accepted for publication.

The physical and electronic book formats are the dominant form of dissemination of our published works.

E-book Preparation

The e-book is fast becoming the choice for distribution of published material. This is inevitable given the proliferation of e-readers, the ease of distribution of e-content, and potential savings in printing and distribution costs. Unlike paper-based products, the cost of e-books can be substantially low and affordable for a large segment of the population. There is more, a large home library can easily be accommodated in a single e-reader.

Governments and education institutions across the world focused on mass education are investing in electronic gadgets for schools and e-book distribution infrastructure. The e-book is the disruptive force in book publishing and distribution.

We can convert your existing or forthcoming publications to your chosen e-format, complete with your chosen form of digital rights management (DRM) system.


So you have this work which has passed the “evaluation test” for publication and now you want the work readied for publication.

We can help. We have extensive experience in editing, be it in works of fiction or non-fiction; be it a creative piece of work or otherwise; be it in the form of poetry, drama, novels, or some other. We offer the full range of editing services from structure and organization to copy editing.

Once editing is completed, you choose whether to enter a publishing arrangement with us, some other publisher or do it yourself. No publishing agreement is implied by the editing assignment to us.

Manuscript Assessment

So you have completed what you consider a publishable piece of work but your work needs evaluation and validation. You also need to know areas for improvement.

We use our wide experience in publishing to review manuscripts, assess suitability for publication, and advise on areas of improvement. The outcome of the assessment would be one the following: (a) publishable as it is without changes, (b) publishable with minor changes, (c) publishable with extensive changes, or (d) not recommended for publication.

Note that our assessment is subjective given our experience. Authors are advised to seek far-reaching input from others to get a more complete view of the suitability of their work for publication.

Ghost Writing

So you have a story to tell but find that you need help to tell the story. There are many people like you. And many do end up telling their stories.

If you find yourself in such a situation, contact us. We can help you by working with our experienced writers. You sit with the write to who you tell the story. In turn, the writer transcribes your tale using a readable organization and structure and plays it back to you to affirm its authenticity. Once you approve, we proceed to editing and ready it for publication.

Note that, no publishing agreement is implied by the ghostwriting assignment to us.


Nsemia Inc. specializes in publishing Afrocentric literary works, including novels, short stories, poetry, songs, drama, academic research works, and thematic collections of papers. We have a particular emphasis on unique works that capture indigenous knowledge and the lives of people of African descent.

To submit your manuscript for consideration, please visit our website and follow the submission guidelines provided. You will be asked to fill out a submission form and attach your manuscript in a specified format. Our team will review your submission and respond within the specified timeframe.

Yes, we offer manuscript assessment services for authors who are seeking feedback and guidance on their work. Whether or not you plan to publish with Nsemia Inc., you can submit your manuscript for assessment. Our experienced team will review your manuscript and provide detailed feedback on its suitability for publication.

Our ghostwriting service pairs you with an experienced writer who will work closely with you to bring your story to life. You will have discussions and interviews with the writer to share your story and ideas. The writer will then transcribe and structure the story, ensuring its authenticity. Once you approve the final version, we can proceed with editing and preparing it for publication.

We support various e-book formats, including popular formats such as EPUB and MOBI. These formats are compatible with most e-reader devices and platforms, allowing for a wider reach and accessibility of your publications.

We strive to review and respond to manuscript submissions in a timely manner. Our response time may vary depending on the volume of submissions, but we aim to provide a response within [specified timeframe]. Please note that we carefully consider each submission, and the review process may take some time to ensure a thorough evaluation.