Commitment to Afrocentric Literature:

At Nsemia Inc., we are dedicated to promoting Afrocentric literature and capturing the unique stories, indigenous knowledge, and experiences of people of African descent. We celebrate the rich diversity and cultural heritage found within the Afrocentric literary landscape.

Unleashing Untold Stories:

We have a passion for discovering and publishing untold stories that present a “new narrative.” We seek out works that offer fresh perspectives, challenge societal norms, and expand the boundaries of storytelling. We believe in the power of literature to reshape perceptions and amplify underrepresented voices.

Global Reach and Recognition:

Nsemia Inc. has gained global recognition within the publishing industry. Our published works have garnered attention and acclaim, reaching readers across the globe. By choosing Nsemia Inc., you join a reputable publishing platform with an established presence and the ability to connect your work with a diverse audience.

Professional Manuscript Assessment:

Our experienced team offers comprehensive manuscript assessment services. We provide valuable feedback, assessing the suitability of your work for publication and offering guidance on areas of improvement. Our subjective assessments, rooted in our publishing expertise, aim to help you refine your manuscript to its fullest potential.

High-Quality Editing Services:

When you choose Nsemia Inc., you gain access to our team of skilled editors. We provide meticulous editing services, focusing on structural organization, copy editing, and ensuring your work meets professional publishing standards. Our commitment to quality ensures that your manuscript is polished and ready to captivate readers.

Collaborative Ghostwriting:

For those seeking assistance in telling their stories, our ghostwriting service offers a collaborative and supportive approach. Our experienced writers work closely with you to bring your ideas to life, maintaining the authenticity of your voice throughout the process. Together, we craft compelling narratives that resonate with readers.


Nsemia Inc. specializes in publishing Afrocentric literary works, including novels, short stories, poetry, songs, drama, academic research works, and thematic collections of papers. We have a particular emphasis on unique works that capture indigenous knowledge and the lives of people of African descent.

To submit your manuscript for consideration, please visit our website and follow the submission guidelines provided. You will be asked to fill out a submission form and attach your manuscript in a specified format. Our team will review your submission and respond within the specified timeframe.

Yes, we offer manuscript assessment services for authors who are seeking feedback and guidance on their work. Whether or not you plan to publish with Nsemia Inc., you can submit your manuscript for assessment. Our experienced team will review your manuscript and provide detailed feedback on its suitability for publication.

Our ghostwriting service pairs you with an experienced writer who will work closely with you to bring your story to life. You will have discussions and interviews with the writer to share your story and ideas. The writer will then transcribe and structure the story, ensuring its authenticity. Once you approve the final version, we can proceed with editing and preparing it for publication.

We support various e-book formats, including popular formats such as EPUB and MOBI. These formats are compatible with most e-reader devices and platforms, allowing for a wider reach and accessibility of your publications.

We strive to review and respond to manuscript submissions in a timely manner. Our response time may vary depending on the volume of submissions, but we aim to provide a response within [specified timeframe]. Please note that we carefully consider each submission, and the review process may take some time to ensure a thorough evaluation.