Aaron Ogunde

Aaron Ogunde

Aaron Ogunde is a co-founder of Damu Sasa System Ltd., an award-winning Kenyan youth-led start-up keen on saving lives by democratizing and availing real-time health information to those who need it. He is an innovator and entrepreneur who is passionate about providing access to equitable healthcare for all.

Aaron’s life principles are based on his core belief that each of us has a solemn duty to make things better than how we found them. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching football, and going on long strolls. He also actively speaks at start-up forums, to share his experience in transforming healthcare systems and social entrepreneurship for African founders.

Aaron holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology and, as a self-taught entrepreneur, he has successfully managed to help scale the adoption of the Damu Sasa platform to more than 180 hospitals and counting in Kenya.

Aaron is committed to helping save thousands of lives!
Twitter: @aaron_haruni / @cheatsheetafric (#CheatSheetForAfrica)
LinkedIn: Ochieng Ogunde

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