Bitugi Matundura

Bitugi Matundura

Enock Matundura, author of Kivuli cha Sakawa, an upcoming title from Nsemia Inc. Publishers, and famously known as Bitugi Matundura in the literary circles was born in Bomoseri village, Gucha District in 1973 in Kenya. He grew up in Kericho and went to Kipketer Primary School. He later joined the Starehe Boys’ Centre and School for his secondary education before studying for a degree in education at Moi University.

Thereafter, Matundura worked briefly as a news editor for the national broadcaster, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation before going to graduate school where he attained a Master of Arts degree in Swahili studies at the University of Nairobi. He had a short stint at Nation Media Group before venturing into teaching at local universities.
With a number of children’s books to his credit, Bitugi Matundura has carved a niche in Kenya’s children’s literature. His narratives are informed by a rare appeal to cosmopolitan and trans-ethnic tolerance. His book, Sitaki Iwe Siri (Longhorn Publishers, Nairobi) won the second place in Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature Award, 2009. Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature is the highest and most coveted literary prize in East and Central Africa.

His other works include Mkasa wa Shujaa Liyongo (2001) [Phoenix], Mwepesi wa Kusahau (2005) [Phoenix] Masagisa na Zimwi Mbilikimo (2007) [Phoenix], Fahali Mtoboa Siri (2008) [Focus], Maadui wa Maria (2008) [Vide Muwa], Jumamosi ya Mkosi (2008) [Phoenix], Kisa Cha Nyange (2009) [E.A.E.P], Mamba Mnafiki (2009) [E.A.E.P] na Mbwa na Sungura (2009) [E.A.E.P].

His anthologized short stories include Mrithi Nini Wanangu? [KLB], Shetani Hana Hatia [Focus] na Giza la Kumi Kumi [Phoenix]. Matundura has also contributed chapters in Kiswahili scholarly books and journals. He deliberately writes in Kiswahili because he feels it is an important African language.

Kivuli cha Sakawa will be formally published in Q2 2010.

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