Jeremîré Araka

Jeremîré Araka

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Nicholas Oyoo discovered his passion for writing early in life. He remembers co-authoring a (unpublished) manuscript titled the Daltons while in primary school. Kraft, his first novel, has been a work in progress from his days in secondary school. The novel developed as he prolifically contributed on topical issues in Kenyan dailies.

Nicholas is actively involved in initiatives focusing on Kenyans’ welfare. He has has trained in Leadership Development under the Political Leadership Development Program (PLDP). Partly through this program, and working with other program alumni, they registered the trust Pioneers For Change (P4C) in which he holds the positions of Trustee and Administration Secretary. In addition, Nicholas has held a number of key leadership positions in various organizations, including that of Vice-Chairman of a promising political party, Twaweza Party of Kenya.

Nicholas holds a degree on Journalism and Media from the University of Nairobi as well as a Political Science Diploma from Kampala University.

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