Paul Mboya

Paul Mboya

The CRE Catapult, KCPE Revision is a priceless revision companion for anyone (student, teacher, tutor, parent, or examiner) involved in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Christian Religious Education (CRE) examination. It presents CRE concepts in a distinctive arrangement that aligns with the syllabus from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, KICD.

The authors, Zachary B. Orori and Paul Mboya, are accomplished CRE teachers. Their experience spans their participation in examination panels and teaching in a diverse range of (public and private) schools. They have demonstrated results (in diverse schools and across the nation) with the classes they have taught. They share their tried and tested approaches and practices in this book.

This book goes beyond academic content to include practical advice on studying, preparing for examinations, and actually taking the examination. They have further offered insights into techniques for effective CRE study.

Contents include the following:

  • Practical advice on studying and understanding subject content.
  • How to prepare for an examination and how to take the examination.
  • Advice and guidelines on preparing for KCPE CRE examination.

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