Rev. Augustine Rugutt

Rev. Augustine Rugutt

In A Prisoner of Hope, the Reverend Augustine Rugutt takes us through an emotional spiritual journey of the life, values and teachings of his mother Pauline Cherono Taptulmat Chepkulul. It is a tale of challenges that few non-believers would overcome, but which his mother overcame in the end. Pauline believed in the Lord and was guided by spiritual belief throughout her life. She suffered but remained hopeful for a better future. As the author testifies, neither sickness nor poverty could deter the spirit that directed her virtuous existence. She was indeed a prisoner of hope, and not only was she able to see her children succeed, but also imparted on them invaluable life-long lessons that continue to shape their lives and those of their children. They are values for all generations present and future.

The Reverend Rugutt writes admiringly about his mother and the values she held through her time on earth. He generously shares these intimate tales believing there are lessons for us all as human beings on our earthly and spiritual journeys.

A Prisoner of Hope is a must read for all. It is essential for those who, faced with challenges and suffering, may be about to give up hope.

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