Stephen Mabea

Stephen Mabea

Stephen Mabea was born to newly converted Seventh Day Adventist (SDA parents as British missionaries made inroads into Western Kenya. With a life punctuated with challenges, Mabea’s Christian upbringing, dedication to service and excellence saw him triumph at every turn.

One of the first teachers from his locality in pre-independent Kenya, he focused on shaping and moulding the lives of young people. Hard work and creativity saw each of his schools record stellar performance. Many of his students went on to pursue successful careers across the country and elsewhere in the world.

As a Staffing and Education Officer in Kisii and Siaya, he was central to implementing education programmes, improving teaching outcomes, streamlining teacher recruitment, and reforming the school equipment programme. Away from education, Mabea worked with fellow pyrethrum and tea farmers to get better returns for their sweat and toil.

Discipline and dedication to service have been key guiding principles in his work as a teacher, an education administrator and community leader. He professes that success through hard work, resilience, honesty and determination is its own reward. Doing what is right, at the right time and in the right way is most gratifying, he adds.

In retirement, Mabea spends time at his Borabu home farming, and serving the community and the church. They look up to him as a teacher, an advisor, mentor and a role model.

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