Timothy Kinoti M’Ngaruthi

Timothy Kinoti M’Ngaruthi

Timothy Kinoti M’Ngaruthi was born in 1967 in Kanthungu village, Ruiri location of Buuri district in Meru County, Kenya. He attended Loire Primary School and later joined Chuka High School and Kanyakine High School for ‘O’ and ‘A’ level studies respectively.

He holds a bachelor of education degree in Kiswahili and Geography from Egerton University and Masters in Kiswahili from Kenyatta University. He is currently pursuing PhD at Chuka University College, a constituent college of Egerton University, where he is doing research on Kiswahili poetry.

The author has a wealth of experience in teaching Kiswahili language and literature in various secondary schools in Kenya. He has also taught Kiswahili at Chuka University College and Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) where he is a full-time lecturer.

This is his second book after Fasihi Simulizi na Utamaduni (Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, 2008), an oral literature reference book currently being used in high schools and universities in Kenya and abroad.

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