Timothy Wangusa

Timothy Wangusa

Timothy Wangusa, a PhD holder, studied English at Makerere University and the University of Leeds. Formerly he was a Professor of Literature at Makerere, where he was also respectively Head of Department and Faculty Dean. 

He has subsequently served as Vice-Chancellor of Kumi University in Eastern Uganda and Research Professor at Uganda Christian University. In the public arena, he has served as Minister for Education in the Government of Uganda, Member of Parliament (NRC), and Presidential Advisor on Literary Affairs.

His writing career now spans five decades, during which he has authored well-received works of both fiction and poetry. His poetic works include SalutationsA Pattern of Dust, Anthem for Africa (translated into Italian, Inno per l’Africa) and Africa’s New Brood. The present volume constitutes his fifth verse collection. His first two novels, Upon this Mountain and Betwixt Mountain and Wilderness, comprise part of his project of “The Mwambu Trilogy”.

He has also completed I Love You, You Beast! (Reflections on Faith and Literature), due for future publication; and he has works in progress which include A Poetic Map of Africa (a literary study), Poetic Mix (occasional and miscellaneous poems), and his memoir, Lost in Wonder. In addition, he is Team Leader of a project that is compiling the first LuMasaaba Dictionary. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Literature at Uganda Christian University and Vice Chair of LuMasaaba Language Academy.

Poet-novelist Wangusa has been writing and teaching poetry for so long that his long-time academic colleague at Makerere University, Professor Arthur Gakwandi, once described him as “a poetic rock”.

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