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Nsemia Inc. Publishers announces the publication Songs of a Chicken Bone by Godspower Oboido (ISBN: 978-1-926906-34-8). This is  a collection of passionate and assured poems; the poet’s first full length offering of poetry. Themes are universally varied, but the poems are deeply personal.


My song is the sombre laughter of the wind

Wandering torpidly

In the corridor of time and space

The whimpering of the butterfly

Escaped from your womb.

One day you will find it

In the warring conferences of rivers,

In pouring streams of laughter and tears.

 What others say

“With Oboido’s endless creativity, his graceful pen allows the reader to relax, laugh and enjoy the in-depth pride of one’s African culture.”  –           Dr. Shirley Butler-Derge, Nzingha Publishers

“There’s much to enjoy in these poems: spirited and engaged with the world, often rapt, packed with self-discovery and all the poems held together with an utterly charming and generous interest in people and places — it’s very much about your encounter with the things of the world” –          Chris Hamilton Emery, Poet and Literary Publisher

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