Evans Gesura Mecha

Evans Gesura Mecha

Dr. Evans Gesura Mecha’s poems in Window into Worlds stir the soul and evoke worlds beyond worlds. I am overjoyed to read them, as I believe other readers would. Mecha’s poetry easily blends the jigsaws of life in the present with that of antiquity and the metaphysical. It is as much rooted in contemporaneity, indigenous ethos, as in the inwardness of a universal rhythm which ripples through his poetry like a pure, crystalline stream flowing effortlessly. It is delightfully oblique yet not constricted by the artifice of rhetoric and prosody. The subterranean nuances trigger the mind to introspect and delve into untold depths of the “feeling intellect” (Wordsworth).

His powerful imagism and natural impressionism make it superbly impactful, permeating the deepest consciousness of the reader. His poetic diction revels as much in the ordinary beauty of everyday natural life as in the transcendental realm eluding the patterns of words. His poetry smells of the musk of the soil and wings out into the transcendental. Mecha takes one easily on the magic carpet of a poetic elysium into the realms of the multiverse. I am sure readers will revel in his poetry as much as I have.

– Prof. Dr. Laksmisree Banerjee, Poet, Professor, Vocalist & Ex-Vice Chancellor; Universities of Calcutta, Ranchi & Kolhan, INDIA.

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