Enchengeria The EkeGusii Dictionary This is a complete EkeGusii-Kiswahili-English dictionary that provides definitions for EkeGusii words. The work has been compiled for over fourteen years of collecting lexemes from the native speakers of the language. These respondents who provided the raw data range from former teachers of EkeGusii as a mother tongue to indigenous knowledge experts in the Gusii community. Linguists with expertise in lexicography, phonetics, and translation and interpretation drawn from the Linguistics department, Kisii University, worked on the technical details. Herein lies the uniqueness of this it presents more than mere definitions of word tokens. This edition serves as a template for further exploration, future expansion, and development of orthographic conventions in the language.The dictionary has the

  • Meanings of EkeGusii words with KiSwahili, and English translations
  • Abbreviations and proper nouns
  • Concise sentences serving as illustrative examples in EkeGusii.
  • Broad transcription of words using IPA to serve as a guide to pronunciation
  • Coverage of grammatical constructions

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