Nathan Oyori Ogechi

Nathan Oyori Ogechi

Prof. Dr. Nathan Oyori Ogechi, PhD, MPhil, BEd.

Prof. Ogechi has served as a Graduate Assistant, Tutorial Fellow, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and Full Professor in the Department of Kiswahili and other African Languages within the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Moi University, Kenya. He has also held university management positions as a Head of Department for six years, Dean of School for two years, acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs for twelve months and concurrently acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic, Research and Extension for ten months. Prof. Ogechi has been a substantive Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Student Affairs for five years and, since October 2016, he has also been acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration, Planning and Development. Prof. Ogechi is a professor of African linguistics with a focus on contact linguistics and linguistic human rights and has served as an external examiner in several universities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. He is a reviewer of several international journals and has publications comprising books, articles in refereed journals and book chapters in Kiswahili, English, German and Russian.

Prof. Ogechi is a DAAD scholar since 2000 and a research associate and consultant on language harmonization and standardization for the South African-based Centre of Advanced Study of African Society (CASAS) besides being the research leader and linguistics expert on the harmonization of Kenyan and cross-border languages. Prof. Ogechi has consulted for the German GIZ Health Sector Programme on HIV/AIDs prevention in Kenya in addition to being an English-Kiswahili translation consultant for the African Union’s Pan-African Parliament at Midrand, South Africa. Prof. Ogechi has been involved with governance for a term of three years each as a non-senate academic member of the Moi University Council and a Director of the Jomo Kenyatta Foundation (JKF).

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