Language plays a major role in the development of societies and nations. Themes in Language, Education & Development in Kenya is a collection of fourteen scholarly articles on aspects of language and its relationship with, society, education and development in Kenya. . The authors follow Morgan Dalphinis remarks that:

“… to speak a language means more than an exercise in the use of a given syntax and morphology, it implies the support of a whole culture and civilization. Moreover, it is in language that people learn, relate to each other as social animals in a material world of production, reproduction, distribution and exchange”.

It is not only important to understand specific languages but to also appreciate associated structural linguistics as a means of appreciating the underlying, rich cultural aspects of those languages. In this book, authors capture the richness of language and linguistics aspects of some of Kenyan languages, namely Kiswahili, EkeGusii, Dholuo and Ateso as well as appropriated languages used in Kenya such as English and French.

Themes in Language, Education & Development in Kenya discusses aspects of language and its relationship with society, education and development in Kenya. As much as possible, the authors have anchored their arguments on relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks with chapters written either in English or Kiswahili while the abstracts are written in a different language from that of the body of the chapter.

The book is divided into three major themes: Theoretical Linguistics and Language in Society, Language and Education, and Language and Development.

Educators, students and general readers interested in issues of language, linguistics, pedagogy and development will find great benefit from this book. In particular, students and lecturers of African linguistics, English, Kiswahili, Education and Sociology would be great beneficiaries.

What others say

This edited volume comprises detailed, substantive, methodological and theoretical research by fine investigators and practitioners in linguistics, English, French, Kiswahili, education and development. It is so detailed and a must-read piece of work for scholars interested in the interface between language and other fields. — Bob Mbori, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kakamega

Writing/compiling an edited book requires masterful selection of articles that ensure the common thread runs through the chapters. This book achieves this by putting language firmly in the agenda of education and development in Kenya. — Hilary K. Sang, Department of Linguistics and Foreign Languages, Moi University

This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in languages, education and development beyond Kenyan borders. It sets the pace and a new trend for research in African languages. — Gilbert Gumoshabe, Makerere University, Uganda

A note about contributors

Writers come with diverse experience and education in the subject of languages, ranging from linguistics, language in society, education and development. Their varied education background and experience reflects their international training and linkages. In turn, this finds expression in the associated essays.

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