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Book Launch: Where are True Parents? ISBN: 978-1-926906-56-0

Wednesday, 5th April 2017, saw the launch of a book titled Where are the True Parents?  Written by Bishop Augustine Rugutt, the work focuses on ways in which parenting determines children’s behaviour and character right from the formative years. It was published by Nsemia Inc. Publishers (2016).

In his other book, A Prisoner of Hope (Nsemia Inc. Publishers 2015), Bishop Rugutt chronicles the life of his mother Cherono Taptulmat’s, capturing her values and teachings in bringing up children and relating to the community.

In Where are the True Parents?, Bishop Rugutt takes the subject of parenting head-on. We live in an era full of changing societal values, intense use of technology and social pressures resulting in parental tactics that may not serve the society well. Indeed, many parents grapple with numerous questions of whether they really understand their children. 

Step by step, Bishop Rugutt expounds on how poorly parented children can give rise to a future generation of poor parents.

“Parenting is a God-given responsibility and parents owe it to the Maker to be good parents,” said the author. He challenged parents to live up to this responsibility for the sake of society and its future.

The Chief Guest, Prof. Joash Kibet, from the University of Kabianga, expounded on the need to set apart time out of the busy daily schedule to chronicle ideas and experiences that benefit society. Only through formally documenting ideas can a generation pass on its values to future generations, he said adding that “you either publish or perish. As well, a good writer reads”.

Giving examples from lessons in the book, he added that many people today live challenging lives because they lacked true parents to guide them towards making the right choices. By documenting such valuable lessons, Bishop Rugutt has demonstrated service to the community and generations to come.

Prof.  Kibet also implored publishers to push towards having books and various writings in electronic formats for the virtual and digital generation. This would take advantage of the proliferation of technology and hence reach wider audiences.

Another speaker, Dr. Ngetich, a librarian at the University of Kabianga also emphasized on the value inherent in writings for future generations. Documenting our daily life experiences can provide answers to many questions that may arise in the future.

Professor Adam Chepkwony, himself an author, reinforced the point saying that the best way to keep our ideas alive is to document them. Undocumented ideas may appear non-existent for those that are not aware of the existence of these ideas.

The Guest Speaker, Bishop Dr. William Tuimising, officially launched the book as congratulatory messages from invited guests to the author filled the air. It was a scene to behold!

The book launch event was hosted by Jesus Gospel Power Ministries in collaboration with Nsemia Inc. Publishers. Miss Linda Kiboma, representing Nsemia Inc. Publishers, emphasized the company’s commitment to bring untold stories such as captured in Where are True Parents? and Prisoner of Hope. She emphasized the company’s approach to work with authors to assure that their message was properly captured and articulated.

The event was held at Sunrise Hotel – Upper Hill, Kericho. Copies of Where are True Parents? can be obtained from Nsemia Inc. Publishers phone +254 20 267 0743 or info@nsemia.com



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