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This book, Critical Thinking by Julius Wambua Mbithi is an outgrowth of an undergraduate course that the author developed and taught at Machakos University in Kenya. It presents the definition, nature, and foundations of critical thinking. It further discusses the various schools of thought on the subject, a matter that underlines the broad range of debates that pertain to the subject. In this respect, it demonstrates a great deal of energy that has been expended by theorists of critical thinking on the debate on the nature of critical thinking, generating provocative, interesting, and important philosophical perspectives.

The work provides students of critical thinking with the necessary tools to cope successfully with undergraduate and graduate-level courses and post-academic life. In addition, the book contains adequate material supportive of postgraduate studies and research in critical thinking.

 What others say

“We hope and expect that this will serve as an important tool for students and scholars alike, and welcome the appearance of this important contribution to the theory and practice of education for critical thinking.” – Harvey Siegel, Department of Philosophy, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, USA.

“Dear Julius Mbithi, our scholars tend largely to shy from this kind of theoretical and abstract thinking, yet this is what underpins scholarship and all intellectual discourses. This book, therefore, fills a huge void in this respect. It will definitely find a market in all higher education institutions, especially universities. We are planning to have a common course on critical thinking in our Ph.D. programme and this book will come handy. I wholeheartedly commend you for the good work.”  Prof. Charles Nzioka, Professor of Sociology and Chairman, Department of Sociology, University of Nairobi; September 2020.

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