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Mwangi’s Adventure

When Mwangi helped a distressed lady change a punctured car tyre one day, he thought it was just that. Little did he know that the token of appreciation that the lady gave him was a trigger that would set him off on an adventure of mixed fortunes. On one hand, danger looms large and, on the other, he has to keep a job as an assistant to a young Irish researcher named Trevor. Trevor, as well, finds himself on a new path with the thugs pursuing Mwangi. How the two youths juggle between their research and safety, in and around Nyandarua, is the thrill of this compelling narrative.

Readers’ comments

Students usually seek, in vain, books that can entertain and educate them. This one does that and much more. With its well-coordinated combination of fiction, historical, geographical, and other truths, it is a classic read for all ages. – Keziah W. Waithaka, Veteran Educationist and Entrepreneur, Elite Schools Ltd, Nyahururu

I was born in Nyandarua and I have just discovered that I know very little about the place. This eye-opening story should have been written a long time ago. – Stephen Njuguna, English Language Teacher. Githinji Secondary, Kinangop, Nyandarua

A tour-de-force in Kenyan literature. It is rare that a writer manages to combine and balance fact and fiction with such dexterity and smoothness. The book is a must-read for lovers of adventure and history. – Warwathia Chege, Senior Editor, Nyandarua County Assembly

I have not enjoyed a local novel, for a long time, as I did for Mwangi’s Adventure. Almost every page contains a twist in the plot, an interesting fact, or both. Written in simple and friendly language, the story is a literary feast for lovers of adventure and discovery. I highly endorse it. – Rose Kimemia, English/Literature enthusiast and Teacher, Mugiko Secondary School, Magumu, Nyandarua County


About the Author

Marjory Kimani was born and educated in Mathira, Nyeri County. She joined local schools before proceeding to the Alliance Girls High School. After working for various organizations, she retired to take up things she had always dreamt of doing – writing, promoting indigenous languages and culture.

Marjory who holds a Diploma in African Studies has written a novel in Gikuyu language, Mucii ni Mucii, A basic English-Kikuyu Translation Guide, and two English novels, The Chief’s Daughter, and The Airlift Orphan. She is the founder of a Gikuyu Language quarterly magazine, Muci-ini iitu. She is also the founder and Patron of Furaha Cultural Centre, an organization that teaches indigenous languages and promotes vernacular, traditional dances, folklore, and culture. Mrs. Kimani is married, a mother of four, and shares her life between Nairobi and her rural home in Rurii, Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County.

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