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Nash Ndemo, author of “Divine Infinite Love” (Nsemia Inc. Publishers, 2012) responds to questions about his recently released book, its subject and his future writing plans.

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1.Tell us about yourself, your background and current “station” in life. My name is Nash Ndemo. I was born in Kenya. I moved to the U.S.A several years ago to complete my Secondary schooling and pursue higher education.

2.When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I realized I wanted to be a writer when my teachers were amazed by my assignments that dealt with writing. The earliest I can remember was 2nd grade.

3.How did you develop interest in writing and what was your first published item? Where was this published? I developed my interest in writing by reaching out to an audience with words, meaningful words. My first published item was in my High School’s Literary Magazine.

4.When did you write your first book and how old were you? What was the title and where was it published? My first book was written in the course of some 3 years; I was 23 years of age. The title was “Divine, Infinite, Love.” It was published by Nsemia Inc.

5.What subject do you focus on in your writing? Why? I focused on love as the main subject, because I wanted to reach a wider audience. I felt that any person who has felt, or even had a glimpse of what love is to them, can relate to my works.

6.Where do you get your information or ideas for your books? Most of my ideas are from nature and experiencing it first-hand.

7.Tell us about your recently released title Divine Infinite Love

a.Where and when was it published? Divine Infinite Love was published by Nsemia Inc. Publishers in December 2012

b.What inspired you to write this book? I was mostly inspired by the idea of inspiring others.

c.What would be the take away for someone who reads the book? How would that help the person in their day to day life? Give a concrete illustration.

A take away for a reader of my book is a feeling of truth in matters of love.

Here is an example:

“Do not be afraid of Fear, because Love is never afraid. Love is the Fire that burns within. Fear is the water that puts out the Love…That could have been.”

Anyone who reads the book will notice at any point or page, that they only take away as much as they give. Only the truthful who revere this sacred love within us all will see the worlds within these few pages, will see the universes within these few words of poetic truth. Light does not struggle to awaken the lotus in the morning, but upon the slightest touch of the Sun’s love, the lotus blooms forth. I pray the same happens with those whom this poetry touches.

8.What are your future writing plans? Any projects in the works that you would like the audience to know? When can we expect another book from you? My future writing plans deal with novel writing. It has been my ongoing dream to finally publish a full novel-length work of fiction. Another book should be coming up in the next year or so.

9.On the subject of writing, reading and knowledge preservation:

a.What message do you have for writers? My message for other writers is not for my words to change their will in writing but merely a suggestion that they have a direction with their works because words are forever and forever powerful.

b.What message do you have for readers? My message for readers: It is hard not to judge a book by its cover, but it is noble to begin reading a book with a neutral inclination, and when one can really let the author’s voice carry the reader into his/her world, the whole experience can be as inspiring as the author’s very inspiration.

10. Do you have any final closing thoughts? My closing thoughts are for the human population to embrace each other and all nature with love and peace will manifest.

Divine Infinite Love is available from the following:

North America

Nsemia Inc. Publishers

1011 Upper Middle Road East,

Suite 1124 Oakville, Ontario ,

Canada L6H 5Z9

Tel/Fax: 1-888-587-1150

E-mail: info@nsemia.com

East Africa

Nsemia Inc. Publishers Ltd.

Moi Avenue, Ufundi Plaza, 5th Floor,

P. O. Box 62423, Code 0020,

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254-20-267-0743

Email: info@nsemia.com

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