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Transversing and Translocating Spiritualities: Epistemological and Pedagogical Conversations

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Transversing and Translocating Spiritualities: Epistemological and Pedagogical Conversations is a collection of papers that examines spirituality from different perspectives and understanding. Contributors acknowledge the different implications of the term spirituality and its importance in human endeavours. In doing so, they expressly seek spiritualty’s logical grounding in society, as distinct from religion or religious beliefs. It is a presentation of significant and persuasive views on spirituality from diverse cultural and social points of view.

The work challenges academia and society to focus on this area. It demonstrates the value of spirituality in life’s undertakings, including policy, research, and other day-to-day practices.

This work uniquely captures the essence of spirituality as a body of knowledge and way of life.

What others say:

“This book is an important read bringing critical insights and varied discursive orientations to spiritualties. The essays largely present spiritualities as a means of resistance, highlighting the power of becoming human when grounded in spiritual ontologies and epistemologies. The book must have a particular appeal to those working in the fields of education and social work.” – George Dei, Professor, Department of Social Justice Education, University of Toronto, Canada

“This a major contribution to social research, specifically on the subject of spiritualities and its diverse perspectives in society.” – Matunda Nyanchama, Publisher.

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