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Equity in Practice: Transformational Training Resource by Njoki Wane & Larissa Cairncross – ISBN:  978-1-926906-20-1

Toronto, Canada/Nairobi, Kenya, September 10th, 2013

Nsemia Inc. Publishers announces the publication of Equity in Practice: Transformational Training Resource. The book offers rich insights into issues facing multicultural, multi-ethnic societies. Specifically, the book focuses on Canadian society, and the reality of its multiculturalism and the challenges of attaining equity in such a diverse society.  Despite existence of laws prohibiting prejudice and discrimination, there remain challenges in realizing true equity. This is in part due to the diverse and, times, biased perceptions of others: those that are different. Realizing equity is a worthwhile challenge even in the face of such obstacles. It requires constant learning from the experiences of others aimed at reducing the gaps in perceptions and actions thereof.  This resource offers one such artefact that can help bridge gaps that could otherwise result in friction in a multicultural, multi-ethnic society. This is a valuable publication that would help in our understanding of diversity and the need to tap into the said diversity for the sake of the common good.

 What others say

“What happens when we feel that issues of equity and diversity speak only to a particular segment of our society? How are we affected by issues or race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, language, age, and ability?  Readers will find this training resource useful and informative in creating critical praxis towards a more equitable education for all.”  – – Dr. Ann Spence-Lopez, Ontario Institute for the Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto

“This work presents insights into the realities of discrimination and prejudice in Canadian society. It offers useful exercises for raising awareness intended to enable better appreciation of realities of diversity and (hopefully) improve life for all, and especially for minority groups.”  – Dr Matunda Nyanchama, ICT Professional and Publisher  

About the authors

 Njoki Wane

 Larissa Cairncross

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