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July 5th, 2014. Toronto, Canada/Nairobi, Kenya.

Nsemia Inc. Publishers announces the publication of Distance between Life and Death by Alfric AsiagoISBN: 978-1926906-38-6.

The Distance Between Life and Death revolves around the life of Brooks Ishimwe a young investigative journalist for the Worldreach television network, and a student in Mark’s College of Foreign Sciences, situated along the academic institution dense Thika Road in Kenya. While there he uncovers unfolding events happening in the institution and beyond, both in the light and in darkness. The institution, as he finds out, produces both graduates and drop outs. He “discovers” that the distance between life and death isthe brain, one’s ability to think. He learns of new invisible factors fuelling HIV/AIDS and unearths its spread patterns even as many students fall victims due to emotions rather than reason.

Ills include peer-pressure driven drug use and reckless sexual behaviour! Only reason can overcome such tendencies, he concludes, and sets out on mission to save lives.  Brooks’ younger sister is a pillar of inspiration for the success he is determined to achieve. His weapon: knowledge which would sweep away “illiteracy” and which can be attained through the culture of reading.

In his encounters with the afflicted, Brooks comes to the realization some things can only be defined in terms of luck; and that the best decisions are those that withstand the test of time. Armed with this, he sets out to serve humanity (especially the afflicted, young and weak), with honesty and dedication.

What others say

“This is a thought-provoking book that is especially a must-read for young people seeking inspiration in life.” – Prof. Fatuma Chege, Dean, School of Education, Kenyatta University.

“A captivating story with incredible plot. The experiences that the characters go through are packed with lessons that will impact young and old alike.” – Dr. Martin C. Njoroge, Director, Confucius Institute & Senior Lecturer of English, Kenyatta University.

“There are books that talk about the spread of AIDS in Africa, but most of them are non-fiction. This is a well-written, compelling story! A must read!” – Sheena Brennan, Book Editor.

“This story provides experiences that, if well-reflected upon, offer the basis for prudent decision-making specifically in relation to sexual behavior and relationships.” – Dr. Michael Wainaina, Senior Lecturer, Department of Literature, Kenyatta University.

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