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Nsemia Inc. Publishersannounces the publication of Miale ya Mashariki: Mashairi na Mwongozo wa Uchambuzi by Timothy Kinoti M’Ngaruthi.

Miale ya Mashariki is an anthology of eighty-two poems. These poems have been composed following different themes, styles and forms. The inclusion of both metred and free verses aims at exposing readers and literary critics to different kinds of Kiswahili poems.

The poems in this collection will attract broad readership. They will be useful in secondary schools, teacher training colleges as well as universities. Likewise, scholars doing research on Kiswahili poetry will find this anthology a great treasure. The value of a house cannot be judged from the door, open and see what is inside!

What Others Say

“There are many poems in this book composed in different forms and styles. Readers will learn about different types of poems upon reading it.

“The introduction part of this book gives it a strong foundation. The reader gets useful hints on Kiswahili poems and poetry in general before reading and analyzing the poems.

“The poet’s expertise is portrayed through definition of various poetic terminologies and sighting examples from his poems.”

–          Josiah Habwe, Kiswahili Books editor

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