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Nsemia Inc. Publishers announces the publication of The Eye of Mayenga  by Jaspher Rori

The Eye of Mayenga is a heart-throbbing novel centred in a remote, rural African village of Mayenga. The village is a lethargic place that appears to have been left behind with respect to world trends and realities. Its residents seem trapped in times gone, dwelling on beliefs like witchcraft and other archaic practices. It appears to have neither vision nor mission, and stuck in antiquated beliefs. Its residents’ pastime is in drinking cheap illicit liquor, and engaging in pessimistic village gossip, which present its own challenges. Their own son, Vincent Senta, a practising
lawyer in Nairobi, ‘sees with his heart’ the predicament of the village, and resolves to apply his knowledge, skills and connections to bring change to the village. He successfully organises a women’s group and initiates an eye-catching water project, which some people appreciate and see him as the “Eye of Mayenga”. However, petty gossip and a troubled family life take their toll on him. To escape the harsh reality, he finds solace in his sentimental secretary. The relationship is ill-fated with him testing HIV-positive of which he eventually dies. Despite the medical exposition on the cause of death, the blame is squarely placed on his hard-to-understand neighbours who, due to their religious beliefs, lead lives of solitude. Most residents of Mayenga believe he has been bewitched by the neighbours. In a “revenge” mission, the neighbours are burnt alive in broad daylight right in the presence of the local chief. Though rumours were rife that these neighbours carried the cross of Senta’s death, nobody had answers to the chief’s torrential questions: Who? When? Why? What? How? And what now? And future? The Eye of Mayenga captures a community at a cross-road and illustrates the clash of cultures and the struggle between the past and modernity.

What Others Say

The Eye of Mayenga is a wonderful piece of art that touches on many aspects of our lives. It tackles contemporary issues of the developing world undergoing social change.These are issues that offer challenges to development.”  – Elijah Ogoti, English Teacher, Kenya.

“Apart from being an excellent story to read, it is a commendable book for students in community development.”-  Joseph A. Awino, Lecturer, University of Nairobi, Kenya.

“Jaspher Rori’s work is a pretty juicy, practical, and interesting story that is set in a traditional African society, and is interwoven with unique practical challenges, exciting themes and characters that leave the reader yearning for more.” – Sakaja Yona, Lecturer, University of Nairobi.

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