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The Return of the Sun explores the immorality of slavery with partakers offering excuses in support of the brutal practice. The author elicits questions on how to end the practice: by supplanting the captors or forging a new, more inclusive, path.

The islands, home to most African communities, are breeding grounds for pirates who defend against invaders or are out to enslave others.  An African king and slave trader, Jabari, is cruel to neighbouring communities, as a result of which his son and heir to the throne, Shaka, is abducted. Shaka’s mother later flees on account of her husband’s callousness.   

Zola, while searching for her brother, gets abducted by Charlie’s pirates. Charlie falls in love with her, but she promises to marry him when Charlie frees Shaka. Enchanted, Charlie agrees. Shaka leaves, planning to return and save all his people.

Meanwhile, Tendai, a slave who grew up in Jabari’s palace, realizes that the king orphaned him at an early age. He joins Black Caesar, a black pirate focused on ending slavery. Caesar desires to entrench African civilization through the revival of Egyptian civilization. He has an island where he settles freed Africans and maintains a critical attitude towards Shaka who, though perceived as saviour by his people, practices slavery. In a party that paves way for Charlie’s marriage to Zola, Caesar lays siege that portends uncertainties!

What Others Say

The writer creates an original story based on slavery in Africa and Latin America. … The plot is the strongest point of this novel as it is full of suspense with twists and turns that hold the reader from the beginning to the end. – Andrew Nyongesa, Ph.D., Literature Scholar

I’m reading this book and it’s very captivating; I just stopped to wonder if I should finish it or hold my breath and wait for an autographed copy. There’s nothing like the feel of a book in your hand, a beautiful story, and a cozy seat.  – Emelda Bosire, LLM Candidate

That was a good read wakili. It’s deep and fascinating with turns and twists that hook the reader to the end. – Ochieng’ Gor, Advocate and literary enthusiast

What Dan Brown is to history, is what you are to philosophy! The story is packed with wisdom and incredible life truths; it is interesting and captivating….. I am convinced the more, that, writing is indeed divine. – Sakidah Jepkemoi, Freelancer Editor and Writer

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