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Cast the First Stone

ISBN: 9789966082626


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Driven by acquisitive greed, corrupt individuals lobby the government for favourable policies for their businesses. In cutthroat competition, the high and mighty engage in deadly selfish games of land and property acquisition regardless of cost. The poor are equally determined! They use every imaginable trick to have their piece of the pie.

Cast the first stone is an intriguing story about lives in an African country. Kalamu, an investigative journalist embarks on a truth-seeking assignment at the Alfajiri Scheme, not aware that his exposé will rattle the establishment. He discovers rot whose tentacles run deep, presenting an unprecedented risk to his life and the lives of his sources! Will he unravel the tangled maze?

What Others Say

Cast the First Stone is a moving story about the pivotal role of the press in the fight for positive change in corruption-ridden societies. It is an indictment of the press and government in the perpetuation of corruption, particularly in developing countries. The novelist has demonstrated great command of the English language, and written the story with a powerful message in a style that is easy and interesting to read. The issues addressed are very relevant to the African society today.” – Dr. Andrew Nyongesa, Scholar of Literature,

“From cutting deals, playing the deadly and selfish games of trampling on the poor to get ahead, to the never-say-die spirit of the poor to get a piece of the cake, Cast the First Stone is a riveting story that illuminates the realities of a corrupt, unjust society!” – Charles O. Okoth, teacher and author.


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