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Divine Infinite Love

Author: Nash Ndemo
ISBN: 978-1-926906-29-4




In Divine Infinity Love, Nash Ndemo takes the subject of love head on. Love, a universal theme, is perhaps the deepest emotion known to the human race, and transcends geography, culture, history, gender, and more. Love touches the young and old, men and women alike. Some die for love. It is a source of both pain and joy, aspects that well captured in this work. The subject of romantic love; and the deep emotions it entails will continue to fascinate for eons to come. What better way to express it than is done in this collection?

What others say

“Nash Ndemo can bring a tear to the eye, resurrect memories of love won and lost or send your soul sailing free through the universe with his poetry. Prepare to find an emotional connection in Divine Infinite Love that will become a part of your psyche.” – –Robert E. Vardeman, author of Ancient Heavens

“Just as Luther Vandross croons in his songs about “The Power of Love”, so does Ndemo parade the ability, through his pulsating poetry, to capture the beating heart marching to the throes of love. The sheer raw power of love captured in verse.” — Edwin Kegode, Head of Drama, Meadows School, Kent, UK

“Divine infinity Love’s key strength is that it tackles a universal theme that many of us can identify with. It is a theme that appeals to almost everyone irrespective of their creed or colour.” – Esther Kalekye, High School Teacher

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