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The Gong

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“A very good insight into the writer’s perception of life – as a child, the woes of African teachers, life and death, religion, prostitution, marriage, witchcraft, love, hatred and existence.

“These poems are genuine; and convey the heartfelt experiences of a very sensitive, honest and articulate spirit. You can tell that Christopher is talented.

“Poetry is a concentrated form of expression. It’s not for the prosaic or the talkative. Christopher is fortunate to belong to the class of humans who can say a lot in a few words.”

– Charles Phebi-Agyekum, Author

“Christopher Okemwa is a master of mixing the voice of rapture with despair, an exceptional voice, in many ways unlike the usual voice we hear from Africa , longing to unravel the secrets of life and of love, striving to reach the unreachable, accomplished and lyrical.”

– Anna Petkova Mwangi

“The Gong is an excellent work that engages the reader. Each poem leads to a journey; a weaving of Stories, Sayings and Truths, each one creating an imprint on the mind. It is an unforgettable experience and a remarkable record of the times which must be shared.”

– Estella Muyinda

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