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Haughty Boys of Ngoroke

Author: Imali Abala
ISBN: 978-1926-906-44-7




Haughty Boys of Ngoroke

Agoyi’s afterschool argument with his step-mother sets off an unpredictable series of intriguing misadventures. The subsequent meandering journey is one of the choices between what is morally right and the lure of the ‘attractive”. Always a balancing act between what could be (success) and potential disaster, Ayoyi’s life is a perpetual succession of dilemmas. The moral question of choices is the central theme of this work.

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‘It is funny. It is serious. It is realistic. Most importantly, it captures the imagination of its readers, not to mention the poignant moral lesson at the story’s end.’ – Dr. Wilberforce Mundia, Professor of Religion & Philosophy, Shaw University

 Haughty Boys of Ngoroke is a witty story and those young at heart will definitely find the boys’ misadventures hilarious, but paradoxically, unsettling.’ – Dr. Ebby S. Luvaga; Senior Lecturer, Iowa State University

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