In Learning Entrepreneurship Through Indigenous Knowledge the authors extract knowledge from a sampling of proverbs and sayings, and ingeniously apply this to entrepreneurship. They innovatively employ educative storytelling to concretize the application of the knowledge to business. The stories used are easy to follow given they are drawn from ordinary lives. They are stories that most readers are likely to relate to, given that these stories are drawn from familiar environments and in familiar settings. The work demonstrates the richness of indigenous information and its relevance to today’s marketplace.

This work will be useful to those that would like to extend the scope of their entrepreneurial information while drawing inspiration from traditional heritage. There is something in this book for students, teachers, businesspeople and researchers in the subject of entrepreneurship. This work provides a glimpse into the potential of the indigenous knowledge base and should inspire similar future works demonstrating relevance of indigenous heritage to other aspects of contemporary life.

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“This is a well thought out idea given the entrepreneurial efforts that are currently underway. It is a good book that targets the forgotten groups of people thus the school children, the youth and the general readership. … It contains very interesting stories that motivate the young and old alike to read and understand the entrepreneurial ideas being passed on.” – Dr. Nelson H. Were Wawire; Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Economics; Kenyatta University.

“It’s unique in making a link between folktales and entrepreneurship, especially when the authors draw insights or lessons learned from each story.” – Dr Luvisia Bakuli, Lecturer & IT Professional

“The stories told are very humorous and stark to the point leaving no room for ambiguity. The Business concepts are tackled with clarity and brevity in a businesslike manner. – Everret Wakoli, Engineer

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