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Mines & Mind Fields: My Spoken Words

Author: Njeri Wangari
ISBN: 978-0-9810362-5-0




Were tears a flute playing sad
my eyes would be the masters hand
were fears a futile play of sweet
my hands would be reeds against
were cares a feeling of great guilt,
my heart would be a caged bird
were dares a repeat of failure,
my mind would be a bootstrap
were scares a fling of terrified
my skin would be horrifying music
were prayers a fruitless attempt at
my mouth would be a fallen saint.

“What Others Say: ‘These poems especially speak to a number of related realities in Kenya and other countries in the African continent; they speak about a people with ingenuity and yet forced to make tough choices because of hard economic and political conditions; they speak of an evolving culture, shaped by everyday realities of life and the ingenuities of survival. The mixture of languages and slang also give the poems an interesting immediacy and life.'”

  • Anon

“I have had a hearty laugh reading ‘Maisha ya Hawker’, got the tears to prove it 🙂 you just topped ‘Women Behaving Badry’ and I love it! Your expression is amazing, Njeri. I can’t wait to see you perform this one.”

  • Ndanu, Performance Poet

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