Language and Translation: Theory, Pedagogy, and Practice focuses on the intersections between theory and practice in Translation studies. It offers new perspectives and insights on attendant discourses on Language and Translation. Specifically, it examines how we look at Translation in pedagogy and within the changing dynamics of contemporary higher education and learning.

“Translation studies have developed along several major lines of enquiry over the last three decades. Concepts, interpretations and discourses on Language and Translation are continuously being re-defined in order to calibrate new ideas and emerging trends within the field or in response to developments elsewhere in the world. In the process, studies on Translation have not only had to re-contextualize and reposition themselves for their primary audiences, but have also had to accommodate an ever-expanding discourse and praxis of new forms, theories, and methodologies. This text captures and aptly presents paradigm shifts in the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to Translation studies. It is a collection of well-researched individual chapters cutting across and/or addressing specific disciplines. The chapters herein form sumptuous reading, and are a representation of emerging trajectories in contemporary Language and Translation studies.” – Prof. Oluoch Obura, Professor of Literature, and Member Quality Assurance Committee Literature Department, Kenyatta University.

“The authors in this volume employ academic yet straight-forward language to discuss the importance, challenges, and the interpretation and application of translation from various disciplines such as language, literature, film, media, communication, and cultural studies. The text’s local colour not only makes it informative and interesting to read but also uniquely Kenyan. Certainly, it’ is a welcome addition to the academy, particularly, in Language and Translation Studies.” – Prof. Wangari Mwai, Professor of Literature, and Director Satellite Campuses, Kenyatta University.

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